12 Ways to Use Edutainment for Students and Kids

12 Ways to Use Edutainment for Students and Kids

If you are a teacher who has students not paying attention to studies or a parent who is pained at seeing your kids not taking interest in studies, you could solve this problem through edutainment. It is a rather new concept of the modern times that seeks to educate children by mixing entertainment with studies. For this, media, content, games, websites, software, films, CDs, nature tours, television, radio and other means of entertainment are used for imparting knowledge to those unwilling to learn through the traditional means of education or just by reading books alone. A child finds edutainment to be a fun way of learning so he or she takes interest in learning new concepts. Thus, parents can avoid forcing their kids to study by using edutainment to teach in entertaining ways. There are many ways to use edutainment for teaching purposes. We will discuss some modes of edutainment that can be used for teaching your kids. Following are the ways to use edutainment for educating in a fun way.

Audio and Video

Leaning new concepts of difficult subjects like math and science through audio improves the memory. In the olden times, people passed knowledge through oral means. You can use music for learning new things. Also, using video along with music further increases the effectiveness of the teaching. Many YouTube channels use this concept for education. Also, music bands and theatre shows use audio and video programs and performances to impart new concepts to the public.

Board Games, Card Games, And Video Games

Games are not only for playing for fun and entertainment but they also serve the purpose of educating people. Board games like chess and scrabble have a high educational value. Chess improves the math skills and ability to solve problems. Scrabble helps a child in learning new words and improving English. Card games are also useful for learning. Video games are very popular among kids who love to pick up new skills and knowledge through the game. It improves the cognitive skills of children and adults who play these games.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles help in solving complex problems and it is a good way to teach your kids about new things. The challenge of these puzzles and solving it gives a feeling of accomplishment to the player. Joining the pieces of the puzzle to form a bigger one teaches your kids to solve problems and it improves their logical thinking.

Television and Films

Television and films are watched by a large number of people and it can be used for learning new social ideas. The programs and serials that you watch on television change the society for the better. For this, television programs should be made with educational content. The list of television shows and films that have been used for imparting education to the public include Private Snafu, MTV Shuga, An Inconvenient Truth, Walt Disney shows of Mickey Mouse and many other popular programs and films.

Radio Talks and Podcasts

Listening to talks on the radio is a popular way of learning new things like agriculture and other topics of common interest through an entertaining way. Soap operas broadcast on radio are liked by people and they help in educating the masses. Similarly, people also like to learn through audio by listening to podcasts. Lessons on podcasts are downloaded by people to listen in the free time and it is a good way of learning with recreation.

Physical Education

Extracurricular activities like physical education make the students learn about the importance of their health, body and physical fitness. It teaches them teamwork, setting goals, coordination, and self-esteem. Doing PT exercises at the school helps in busting stress in students.


Toys like the mini models of difficult objects like piano help the kids in becoming familiar with the larger version of the object in a fun way. Dolls and other toys help in teaching the little ones about important things of life through fun and entertainment. You could teach your child about historical figures through a figurine of the person. A figure of an astronaut could teach the children about space science. Construction toys like Legos help the kids in developing creativity and problem-solving skills.

PowerPoint Presentations

Using PowerPoint presentations to teach students helps in educating by the use of technology. When people watch the fun animations and graphics, they learn things in a better way. It catches the attention of the viewer instantly and it appeals them.

Educational Websites

Teaching students online are easy now with many websites posting educational content on it. Learn2.com is one such website that is useful for learning new things. Similarly, you could arouse interest in your child by asking him or her to use the HowStuffWorks.com website.


You could increase the interest of your child in learning by using apps on the smartphone. Apps with puzzles and children’s stories are very popular among the parents who like their kid to be entertained while learning new things. There are apps for science and math that the kids can use. Use apps with bedtime stories for small children. If you have a baby or a toddler, you could use apps with rhymes.

Visiting Theme Parks

Taking the children to theme parks is a good way to teach them. For example, take the kids to a marine park to teach them concepts about sea animals and sea life. Dinosaur theme parks help the students in learning about the extinct animals. Take the students to gardens to impart knowledge about plants and flowers.

Museums and Zoos

Museums and zoos are public places that could play a big role in teaching the kids through fun and entertainment. Take your kids to science centers and fine art gallery to enable them to learn about science and art.  A visit to history museums and field trips are also useful.

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