Celebration of 70th republic day

Celebration of 70th republic day

“Let us live in harmony with nature,

Let us save trees and creatures.

Let us bring progress in agriculture and

Foster the best of our culture”

26th January was the day when the Indian republic and its constitution came into force. It was celebrated every year with much enthusiasm all over the country. To mark the importance of this occasion a grand parade was held in New Delhi. In our institute, we believe in reinforcing in each student the pride of our rich heritage, values and ideals the form of celebration.

On 24-01-19, Mount Abu Public School  was celebrated the occasion of Republic day. The event was started with our principal ma’am and chairman sir by hoisting a national flag.

The event was started with such an energetic  spirit by giving patriotic quotes as well as-as speeches.

Anchoring was held by – Ms. Kamakshi Malhotra and


Many students took iniciative to participate in the event by giving such a tremendous speeches , patriotic poem, lovely songs as well as energetic dance performance.

Name of participants are as follows:

  • Group song of class-5th : Lakshan Ahojan
  • Poem by Jai and Deevesh (U.K.G)
  • Poem by Srishti of class 3rd
  • Speech by Suman of D.led 2nd year
  • Poem by Tanishq of class 1st
  • Group Song of E.T.E 1st and 2nd: yeh mandiro ka desh hai
  • Poem by Priyanshi of class 3rd
  • Speech by Satyam of class 2nd
  • Speech of Tanvi of class 3rd
  • Poem by Sakshi of E.T.E 1st
  • Kathak dance performance by primary students
  • Poem by Suruchi of E.T.E 1st year
  • Poem by vijyant of U.K.G
  • Speech by Vishwara of class 6th
  • Speech by Kushagra of class 9th
  • Group song of class 3rd :Apni dharti apna amber
  • Speech by Anmol of class 8th
  • Speech by Priyanka of E.T.E- 2nd year
  • Kathak dance performance by E.T.E 1st and 2nd year students
  • Group song of class 4th: Ajadi ki khuli hawa mai

All students performed very well on the stage and show their spirit towards our nation. At last, our principal ma’am  (Mrs Archana Arora) gave such a tremendous speech and encourage everyone to be loyal and respectful patriotic towards our nation.

“ Preserving independence is not easy task,

It has to nourished with love and labour

That work is our responsibility,

Let us never forget that!”

Long live our motherland !

Long live our India!

Thank you . Jai Hind