Inter School Competition – Art and craft

Inter School Competition

Art and craft

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain”

On 30-11-18, Mount Abu Public School gave such a pleasure opportunity to show their hidden talent to all students as well as teachers.  Inter school competition was held in M.M Public School . several competitions were involved like:

  • Science modelling
  • Art n craft
  • Food without fire
  • Group song

Our student took initiative to participated in Art N Craft Activity . name of the participants are as follows:

Painting participants

  • Sumiti, vidhi, harshal- 1st class
  • Priyanshi, shrishti, mahak- 3rd class
  • Angel- 4th class
  • Abhinav, lakshay, kanishk- 5th class
  • Aditiya, prateek- 6th class
  • Karan, manya- 7th class
  • Samarth, anukul-11th class

Our school got 2nd position in painting competition.

Sonali , Samarth , Anukul- 11th

We also got 3rd position in craft competition.

Priyanshi- 3rd class

Ms. Poornima was guided the students.

It was such a pleasure for them to achieve such a lovely trophy as well as the certificates.  

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”