We are at maps allow a free and natural growth to ensure genuine development. The teachers here are not taskmasters but helpers and guides. We believe that knowledge can be acquired through various sources; our job is just to train the young minds to gather it for themselves. The knowledge is there within and the teachers not only strive to show the child where it is and how it can be habituated to rise to the surface. Our teachers try to pay individual attention to every learner and give due regard to the particular way in which each learner wants to make progress. The projects are designed in such a way that each child gets the opportunity to showcase his own talent in a particular field. Even when the children work in a group, the teacher studies the group dynamics and offers learning materials according to the need of the participants in that particular group.

We are aware that, we have to gradually steer the child from the stage of gathering information, to the stage of assimilation and finally take him to the final stage of utilization of that information. We consider the learning process to be complete when we know that the new information acquired by our learner has been so well integrated that he can utilize it and apply it in any new situation.


Primary Classes

Our school is affiliated to CBSE from class I to class XII. It is well – known fact that the primary school curriculum makes remarkable impact during the child’s early development years. We make extra efforts to make sure that the quality of Education we offers would be highly beneficial for children by enrolling the best and most experienced teachers and employing the most innovative teaching methods, both classroom-study and outdoor-activities based

Moral Values

We focus on moral values of our students from Primary Level. In the Primary Department, emphasis is given not only on acquisition of knowledge but also on concept formation and application of knowledge in practical life. we make every attempt to encourage a friendly and safe environment for our children to learn better in a happy and relaxed way. We want parents, as well as children, to feel comfortable and well informed and thus the goal of this website is to provide useful information and news about our school.

Secondary Classes 
Our Curriculum is Affiliated to CBSE. Secondary schooling envisions focused education to channelize and fit the students into the needs of today demands. This equips every child to proudly say that they are the torchbearers of the future. We provides the quality education at each level.

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Integrated-Science, Computer Science, Social Studies, Sanskrit, General-Knowledge, Drawing.


The CBSE curriculum for Class IX to X :

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies

, Computer Science, Physical Education

Senior Secondary Level
The academics curriculum is strongly supported by co-curricular activities. All students are required to opt for a performance based work-experience from a wide range of creative activities available to all students of all level. Each student is required to achieve at least two credits in co- curricular to be promoted to the next class.


Affiliated to CBSE, with classes from XI to XII. The CBSE curriculum are followed:


 Science Stream:

Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English, Computer Science, Physical Education.


 Commerce Stream:

Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Mathematics/ informative practices English, Physical Education.