Little Chief Activity

Little Chief Activity

“ Good food is good mood”

On 04-02-18, little chief  activity  occurred  in primary as well as secondary  level where students made sandwiches and burger  by their own. All students of primary as well as secondary dedicatedly involved  in the activity.

For primary level Miss Neena announced the result and for the secondary level Miss Kamakshi  andMrs.Pankaj  announced.

The winners  are as follows:

  • Primary level
  1. Tushar (class 4th )
  2. Hussain (class 3rd)
  3. Saloni (class 5th )
  • Secondary level
  1. Sanya (class 8th )
  2. Hanshika (class 7th )
  3. Parmarth (6th )

Winners got the certificate .with the help of these fun loving activities , it involve the students to know their capabilities.

“Eating  is a necessity but cooking is an art”