Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution Ceremony 2019

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

Celebration, revelry and recognition together marked the prize distribution ceremony at MAPS on Sunday, 10-03-19  .The ceremonial function was presided over by the school principal Dr.ArchanaArora.The programme commenced with Guru vandana, an invocation to God. To maintain the sanctity of the entire atmosphere the pious ‘Ganesh Vandana’ was recited. Activities enlightened to parents that shows the pleasant surprise to witness the excellent status that Mount Abu has achieved in such a short span of time. A cultural treat was offered to the parents in the form of Qawwali and Kathak. The academic achievers were duly awarded for their scholastic skills. The commencement of function took place with the heart warming speech by the principal Dr.ArchanaArora. The celebration marked the dedicated perseverance and tireless efforts of the children.

Achievers of Distinction

Sumati kumari of class 1st  – 99.92%

Tanishq Bansal of class 1st – 99.5%

Satyam kumar of class 2nd  – 98%

Pranav Jee of class 2nd  – 95%

Tanvi Bansal of class 3rd – 97.5%

Anupam Kumar of class3rd – 91.5%

Pravez Alam of class 4th – 92.8%

Tushar Goel of class 4th – 91.8%

Ranjay Kumar of  class 5th  – 98.3%

Saloni Chaudhary of class 5th – 96.83%

Prateek jha of  class 6th  – 88.15%

Chhaya Yadav of class 6th – 84.96%

Mansi Goel of class 7th – 91.5%

Megha jha of class 8th – 94.38%

Preeti Yadav of class 8th – 92.93%

Kushagra of class 9th – 94%

Manya of class 9th – 88.1%

Vaibhav Yadav of class 11 A- 93.2%

Neha Goyal of class 11 A- 92.6%

Vasu Goyal of class 11B- 88.6%

“Great is the art of beginning but greater is the art of ending”