Rhyme Recitation Competition

Rhyme Recitation Competition

Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people”

Infused with extra ordinary talent. Mount Abu Public School organised a rhyme recitation  competition on 7-12-19 for the little champ of Mount Abu, who enthralled the audience. Their marvellous performance fetched us. They spell bound by their rhyming performance. Their sincere endeavours made them clinch with the position  holder. They spread happiness all around. The name of the winner are as follows:

LKG                                                                                  UKG

1st position- Prineeti                                               1st position- Shiksha

2nd position- Nirmit                                                  2nd position- Divyansh

3rd position- Ayush                                                   3rd position- Sanvi

The whole competition was fruitful.