WORKSHOP BY NIE ( Times Of India)

The school organised a workshop on MEMORY & RETENTION for the students of class VI-XII and on MORALS & VALUES for the students of class I- V on October 08, 2018 in the school premises.

The workshop was presided over by Mrs. Neetu Singh (Counsellor & Psychologist) at Times Of India, Delhi and attended by the students who were accompanied with their teachers Ms.Kamakshi, Ms.Sonal, Ms. Bhanwardeep and Ms.Poornima.

Students were keen to know how their brain functions in 2 parts the left side and the right side and the importance of visuals and graphics on the long time memory. They were informed about the merits of inculcating inquisitiveness, curiosity, reading, self study. The counsellor raised many brain storming questions to the students making them realise the importance of reading and using Internet and Newspapers to increase their IQ and EQ. 

The junior students shared their views on the common behavior, which they find inappropriate, among peers. The counselor gave the students creative ideas to use their energy and to not complain every little thing instead being good at problem solving.

The students enjoyed the workshop and also promised to not only improve as a student but also become a better citizen and taking the country towards a learning oriented environment instead of merely addressed as educated youth.