10 skills to snap out of………. shell

10 skills to snap out of………. shell

So much thinking goes into searching the best school for your child.

When you search a school for your child, you need to think so much, which school we should go for, what all attributes are best for the development of a child. Plethora of characters is necessary to keep in mind like You must look for infrastructure, faculty, healthy environment, extracurricular activities, modernization, and many more.  You all must be thinking how infrastructure is on the top of other things. Gone are the days, when a child needs to focus on studies. Now, he/she must be confident, intelligent, responsible, quick learner and at last but not the least, must have knowledge about latest technologies. If school doesn’t have proper facilities or infrastructure, then the child will lag. So, these things must be taken as consideration while selecting a school for a child.

In Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, you will have all the facilities which are required for a child’s development. We have a great infrastructure with well-furnished and well-equipped laboratories or libraries so that a child can learn things in an appropriate environment. We believe in what you dream for your child and work to transform the same into reality. We first analyze and update our understanding towards the child and then works toward the development which ensure the holistic growth of a child. Our faculties have in-depth knowledge of their subjects as well as they are well-trained to understand a child’s cognitive level. Our teaching differs from child to child; we evolve as per your child’s evolution. As we believe every child is unique so their abilities too, and we focus on shaping their abilities by providing them proper guidance.

The strategy that we follow to shape your child begins from small steps and then we move towards bigger one to take your child to professional level.

Let’s start from beginning, first we analyze the capability of a child, then we plan the requisite for them, and then shape them capable enough to make sound decisions for their career by developing varies skills which are required during Class LKG to12th class

Toddler to LKG & UKG

This is the stage where a student will learn base of various concepts and brain in this stage grasp things quickly than in any other stage of life. Skills that are required for this stage are:

Creative thinking-: Growth of a child in an early stage can be measured by how creative a child is, where his / her thinking lands and till where it reaches. No doubt it is a personal attribute but our environment also plays a major role in shaping it. The more we are exposed to high order thinking the more we learn and gain and process it.

Adjusting and evolving -:Have you ever wondered why humans are present in all over the world- because they adjust and evolve as per the environment they are exposed to, they learn from the society. How to behave in public, how to react in social gatherings such things are never taught in any schools but child learn and grasp from the behavior present in their surroundings.

Studying in Mount Abu Public School, Rohini not only makes your child knowledgeable but also let them learn the best attitudes towards life. Our day to day class sessions are equipped with moral attributes and creativity. Our study frame and projects are aligned in such a manner that it enhances the child thinking ability and provide their creativity wings to fly high.

1st -5th class-:Next stage is the stage where one learns to read and write, here he / she gets the knowledge of sentence formation of languages, simple concepts of Mathematics and what’s going on around them like science and fiction.

Skills are required during 1st to 5th class:

Effective Oral and written Communication

This is a foundation building phase where students start learning how to read and write. These attributes will be used in their entire, whatever they learn in this stage, they will speak and write the in their later stages. Students can only be able to express their thinking using this skill, be it through oral communication or written communication, they will commute after learning this skill in this stage.

Ideas and Inquisitive Minds

During this phase, the child starts to think and present his\ her own idea. So, you will find them trying new things almost always and they start to ask questions.

Use Learning Beyond the Classroom

There’s no use of learning if it is only bookish, students must know how and why they are reading anything. This will only happen when there is more emphasis on laboratories, library, visits to parks / gardens, and many more. Experimentation should be included to this stage; focus should be laid on outside classroom learning.

At Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, we give opportunity to our students to explain themselves and the most effective way to get students to verbally present their thoughts is pairing few students and told them to solve a simple problem. We consider the students of this age are in learning stage, they will learn easily and we help them to learn through their strengths. We use different teaching tools to build a base like smart classrooms, experimental study, programs linked to curricula, visit to parks/gardens as per requirement and so on. Our students can identify their strengths and can improve their areas of growth.

6th to 9th class-:In this stage, students are cleared with basic concept and it’s a high time to apply those basics in their real life. They are ready to solve their day-to-day problems by using the simple concepts they have learned in previous stages.

Skills are required during this class level make them stand in the market as an individual

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

At this age, the child starts to solve complex situations and tries to reason with everything in surrounding. This is the time children start building peer-relationships based on logical reasoning, such as measuring level of involvement and intellect. They also start developing group dynamics and form small groups with like-minded people and start performing well in coordination with team during studies and in games and other extra-curricular activities.

Accessing and Analyzing Information

Children in this age group start to analyze the facts and take decisions based on information instead of pure emotions, thus exhibiting the start of accessing information and analyzing capabilities.

Curiosity and Imagination

As they start analyzing, the curiosity in various things around them increases. You will notice that the child will start building a methodical approach to many of his/her daily tasks and will link many of the day-to-day activities to the stories and learning that he/she learns at the school.

In Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, we develop their skills in intellectual and conceptual basis. We believe knowledge is useless if you can’t apply it effectively.  We help our students to analyze the problem and make a best suited decision to solve that problem. We teach them to use appropriate strategy to determine the accurate and efficient solution for a problem. This will enhance their thinking and analyzing ability, and they will develop accessing and analysis skills.

10th to 12 Class-:Last phase of school life; here an entrepreneur is born. They have learned the basics and applied those learning into their real life to solve simple to complex problem. They are aware of simple and short solution to each & every problem. Now, the time is to a leader and that is learnt in this final stage of school life.

Skill are required during this level prepare them to become leader or decide which path they want to follow for their career

Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by Influence

During this phase, child starts to work on interpersonal skills and curate his/ her own behavior and outlook. This starts with finding the compatible friends and building trust for a lifelong relationship. Individual starts to collaborate to achieve common goals and contribute in more than personal level of interests thus building collaborative and leadership skills and growing network and influence.

Initiative and Entrepreneurship

Children start to take initiatives and suggest ideas of their own for the complex situations and develop methods to resolve problems. In Mount Abu Public School, Rohini We encourage our higher secondary students to act like an leader and approach leadership in a team. In this age, they need to have the ability to influence and they must complete an assigned task with minimal supervision. Our students take initiative and they have urge to perform well to achieve the desired goal. Without taking an initiative, one cannot achieve the desired target. We encourage our students to take initiative to be an entrepreneur. We help them to turn their ideas into reality, also plan and manage required steps to achieve desired objectives.

In Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, we emphasize and promote broad understanding in educating and training individual to achieve their desired objective. The aim of the learning is reaching a cognitive level which improves the high order thinking capability of a child. We not only focus on grooming child in terms of knowledge, instead we extend our focus to enlighten the cognitive level of child by providing value

based education in our class rooms. Education not only eliminates the drawbacks of socio- cultural life but it provides the child a power to withstand even in strongest of storms. We as the educators believe in overall development and we work towards it.

To know more please contact: www.mountabupublicschool.net

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