Seat distribution for entry level (3+ years of age)

Total number of seats available: 50
Number of seats for EWS category (25%) 12
Number of seats for general category (75%) 38

The point system to be followed is as under:-

S.No. Criteria Points
1. Distance
0 to 1 km 70
1 to 3 km 60
3 to 6 km 55
Above 6 km 50
2. Sibling 20
3. Parent alumni 5
4. Single girl child 5

Admission Schedule of Entry-level Class (below 4 years of age) for open seats for the sessions 2023-24

S.No. Particular Time Schedule
1. Uploading the criteria and their points in the module of the Department at the mentioned at point no.7 1/12/2022
2. Commencement of admission process and availability of forms 1/12/2022
3. Last date of submission of application form in school 15/12/2022
4. Uploading details of children who applied to the school for admission under open seats. 12/01/2023
5. The date of displaying first list of selected children (including waiting list) (along with marks alloted in the point system) 01/02/2023
6. Resolution of queries of the parents, if any (by written, email, verbal interaction) regarding allotment of points to their wards in the first list. 11/02/2023 (Saturday) to
22/02/2023 (Monday)
7. The date of displaying of Second List of children (if any) (including waiting list) (along with mark allotted under point system) 21/02/2023
8. Subsequent list of admission, if any 20/03/2023
9. Clouser of admission process 31/03/2023
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