10 skills to snap out of………. shell

So much thinking goes into searching the best school for your child. When you search a school for your child, you need to think so much, which school we should go for, what all attributes are best for the development of a child. Plethora of characters is necessary to keep in mind like You must look for infrastructure, faculty, healthy environment, extracurricular activities, modernization, and many more.  You all must be thinking how infrastructure is on the top of other things. Gone are the days, when a child needs to focus on studies. Now, he/she......

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12 Ways to Use Edutainment for Students and Kids

If you are a teacher who has students not paying attention to studies or a parent who is pained at seeing your kids not taking interest in studies, you could solve this problem through edutainment. It is a rather new concept of the modern times that seeks to educate children by mixing entertainment with studies. For this, media, content, games, websites, software, films, CDs, nature tours, television, radio and other means of entertainment are used for imparting knowledge to those unwilling to learn through the traditional means of education or just by......

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