Our multidimensional academic pedagogy follows Experiential Learning Curriculum that leads our students free from conventional boundaries, allowing them to learn deeply from creative perspectives.

MAPS programs emphasize hands-on, experiential learning. This means instead of sitting in a classroom, you will gain knowledge and understanding of the world through cultural immersion, experiential activities, and working alongside local partners and communities.

At MAPS our rigorous academic approach goes beyond developing scholarly knowledge to help our students uncover and actualize their passion and vision. We follow the distinctive pedagogy that follows the experiential learning method along with handling the differential learning styles. Our curriculum is aligned with the guiding principles of the New Education Policy (NEP), 2020.

Experiential learning is the process of reflecting on an experience, both during and after the experience, extracting meaning from it, and then applying what has been learned.  Such opportunities help students to see the connections between the curriculum taught in courses and its application in the real world. Experiential Learning can also increase self-esteem and engagement in the workplace or school, improve motivation, and improve social and leadership skills.

With an extravagant bonanza of Wow Wednesdays, Fun Fridays and Engaging English classes we provide ample opportunities to our students to cherish the foundation years of learning.

Ultimately, they will forge a unique path that will forever change the way they investigate and create throughout their life.


  Visual Arts:

Children explore art and design as a means of expression, communication, and reflection. While experimenting with different styles, they learn to adopt creative processes and practices that maximise their own learning; and develop an understanding of their individual talent, aptitude, and interest. These, in turn, form the basis for focus areas and expertise in selected art forms in the higher classes.

Performing Arts:

By creatively engaging in different art forms — and exploring and experimenting with instruments, dance and drama forms, and techniques (appropriate for the respective stage of development) — our students learn to respond to the beauty in form, movement, and sound; and develop an aesthetic sensibility. Moreover, by learning about Performing Arts practices from different local and national regions and the world, they begin to respect and accept cultural differences.


At MAPS, technology is an extension of learning. Thus, it takes up many forms — from teacher-led (effective use of technology tools to engage students in learning concepts) to student-led (collaborative learning, simulated experiments, or designing new prototypes).

Physical Education:

The objectives of our PE programme are to help our students develop an understanding of the relationship between their physical and socio-emotional developments; inculcate healthy life practices and habits; encourage them to develop an interest (and expertise) in at least one sport (or physical activity) for lifelong practice; and through team spirit, sportsmanship, and fair play, build positive relationships with others.

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