Well Equipped Labs

Students have access to state of the art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, English & Mathematics. Students can perform a wide range of experiments while the teachers and lab- assistants at hand provide constant supervision and guidance for optimum results.


Physics Lab

Physics an open ended subject whose study is never complete unless the theories taught in class are put to test in laboratory by doing experiments. Physics laboratory is a place where one can perform various experiments. Our MAPS Physics laboratory is fully equipped with all the apparatus according to the new prescribed curriculum from classes VI to XII.

Chemistry Lab

The school has excellent and latest facilities of labs which provide ample opportunities to do practical work and conduct scientific investigations. The well equipped Chemistry Lab. help the students to develop a scientific temper in them.

Biology Lab

There is a lavish lab of Biology in MAPS where practical’s and visits of students are conducted regularly. There are big models of Skeleton of Humans & Human organ system along with other models. The lab. is well equipped with various specimens, dissecting microscopes and compound microscopes.

Information Technology Lab

We are passing through an era of Information technology. It is the demand of the century. MAPS – pioneers in introducing innovative teaching aids with latest technology in the field. The school has two sophisticated computer laboratories where students of all classes from I to XII are being exposed to the computer aided learning packages and computer literacy programmes as a part of school curriculum.

Math Lab

Keeping pace with the relevant changes in the CBSE curriculum the school has introduced a well equipped Maths Lab to make teaching of Mathematics more interesting and appealing. The students are motivated to explore Mathematics rather than working out mathematics problems.

Language Lab

The Language Laboratory supports students whose learning styles have created barriers to academic progress and also to remove accents and any hesitation that the child may have in speaking the language. This is designed to help them develop awareness of how they learn, improve their language skills and help them internalize the study routines that facilitate the learning process.
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