LATE Sh. D. N. Arora Chairman

In today’s world where cultivation of the intellect is considered most important, we at Mount Abu Public School strive to develop the heart alongside by providing real education. An education that teaches children to collaborate and create, experiment and innovate, without any comparison with the other.

We equip our children with the values and attitudes to confidently face the challenges of our present technological world. We teach them to be sensitive, empathetic, secular and tolerant. Mount Abu Public School is eager to excel & achieve, yet never to leave loose sight of the strong value based foundation embodied in our motto. “Work is Worship” as we believe that the best preparation for tomorrow is doing our best today.

A good education gives the children wings to fly and fulfill their dreams, ensuring a brighter future. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to give back what we learnt from mentors and teachers. We believe that the early formative years are critical for each child to grow up as a bright, mature and a responsible individual.


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