Dr. Archana Arora Principal

Our school would like to bring in the dimension of the whole human being by nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Our teachers are trained to provide an invigorating classroom environment where every learner can develop mental agility through independent thinking and reflection.

Our school has a firm belief that children should be encouraged to dream, and passionately pursue their dreams. We work towards opening their minds, help them identify their interests and aspirations, and nourish their individual talents. Our motive is to festoon the minds of our students with the qualities of tolerance, dignity, respect, labor, and other essential virtues which will help them shape their destiny in the right manner. The key contribution of IT to education is that it can allow the student’s interest, needs, strengths, and weakness to drive the learning process, with the instructor facilitating rather than dictating.

We provide an atmosphere which helps develop an inquisitive mind for creative intelligence.

Join us in this journey whilst we prepare our fledglings for the first flight. Let us see them soar heights with joy, curiosity and ambition in their hearts.

Best Wishes
Dr. Archana Arora
Mount Abu Public School

Dr. Archana Arora, Principal of Mount Abu Public School Sector 18, Rohini has been bestowed with Dr Radha Krishnan Award in 2003.

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