Schedule For PTM

    • Regularity, punctuality, and discipline in the students need to be constantly monitored by the parents.
    • Students who come to school by private conveyance should arrive at school latest by 7:25 am i.e. 5 minutes before the bell rings. The school gates will close at 7:30 am sharp. If a student is a defaulter more than twice in a month, the parents will be called to take the child back home.
    • It is mandatory for the students to have 80% attendance at the end of the session and no relaxation of any kind will be granted to a student who fails to fulfill this requirement. Eligibility for any academic prize in such cases will be considered null and void.
    • It is compulsory for all the students to attend school on the first working day after every vacation and the last working day before a vacation.
    • Parents should call up at the school reception or send an email in case unable to send a written leave application on the first day.
    • Record of the absence of one/two days must be entered and communicated through the almanac.
    • An application with a valid reason must be submitted if a student is absent on a Tuesday before the Unit Test (Wednesday). A medical certificate must be submitted in case of illness. All applications must be submitted at the school reception.
    • A medical certificate along with a written application on an A-4 sheet addressed to the Principal should be submitted in case of illness lasting for three or more days.
    • In case of an infectious disease, a fitness certificate issued by the doctor after the quarantine period must be submitted.
    • An external memo will be issued in case of repeated absence without notice or unexplained absence for more than three consecutive days.
    • Repeated absence without sanction or unexplained absence for six consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee, provided the vacancy still exists.
    • Absence from the school for attending social functions should be discouraged.
    • Short/half day leave is not sanctioned by the school.
    • Prior written permission must be sought for all outstation leaves.
    • If a student has to leave the campus during school hours due to an exigency, the following rules must be followed-

    Written application must be given a day before, if fails to give the application a day before, then on the day of leave parents should only come to pick up the child and give the application at the reception on the same day.


  • CD players, i-pods, i-pads and MP3 players
  • Mobile phones, smart watches or any other electronic gadget
  • Cameras, VCDs, DVDs, USBs
  • Books (other than textbooks or library books), magazines, journals
  • Valuable articles such as expensive watches, jewelry, etc.
  • Chemicals/ paints of any kind
  • Sharp objects
  • Crackers and Holi colors
  • NOTE: In case a student is found in possession of a banned item, the article will be confiscated and action will be taken as per the school rules.


  • Habitual late coming
  • Irregular attendance, unjustified and unexplained absence
  • Improper uniform turnout
  • Bunking/missing classes
  • Using unfair means during tests/ examination
  • Shouting, bullying and littering in the school/ school bus
  • Disorderly abusive language
  • Damaging school property
  • Bursting of crackers or playing with Holi colors
  • Lending or borrowing money in school
  • Self-driving
  • Bringing any of the banned items to school on a regular day/excursion/inter- school competition/any other event.


  • Parents must log on to the school portal from time to time, as all important information regarding the schedules of examination/Open House/workshops, change in syllabus and announcement of untimely holidays are always communicated through the Homepage of the school portal.
  • Parents are advised to maintain a close contact with the school for the optimum benefit of their ward.
  • Open House should be attended regularly in order to get apprised about the progress of your child.
  • Any change in the phone nos./email id/postal address must be updated in the school records at the earliest.
  • Attention should be paid to the neat turnout of your ward.
  • School bags need to be checked regularly for any circular, worksheet, invitation or homework given in the almanac. Remarks put down in the almanac should be seen and countersigned regularly.
  • The school issues regular newsletters to students from Classes Nursery to XII on the school portal. Parents are requested to keep a regular check of the school website and almanac for any important message or circular.
  • Any communication to the school should be addressed to the Principal on an A-4 sheet. The student’s name, class, section, admission no., address and phone no. should be mentioned clearly in all applications.
  • As the medium of instruction in school is English, students should be helped to follow their work easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home.
  • All the school rules must be read carefully and explained to the children.
  • Bullying is one of the biggest educational issues. It can be physical, verbal, emotional, exclusion or even cyberbullying. It is therefore advised that any incident of bullying should be brought to the notice of the school authorities at the earliest in order to achieve a safe and child-friendly environment in the school.


  • Info sheet, health proforma etc. given at the beginning of the session must be filled by the parents in their own handwriting.
  • Ensure that the special badges awarded to your ward are worn by him/her daily to school.
  • In case there is a delay in picking up the child from the school due to some unavoidable reason, the same should be intimated to the school reception at the earliest. Students under no circumstances will be allowed to leave the school premises unescorted.
  • Unsatisfactory progress in studies or inappropriate conduct will lead to suspension from the school.
  • Visit a friend’s/relative’s house from the school is not permissible.
  • Only toffees (no chocolates) of well-known brands are to be distributed on the occasion of birthdays. Any other kind of celebration is not allowed.
  • Reading newspaper is an important habit which should be inculcated early in life. ‘Current Affairs’ form a compulsory evaluation component of the Unit Tests. Hence, the child should be encouraged to devote regular time and effort in this area.
  • Ensure that your ward carries books/notebooks as per the time-table. No extra books or stationery should be brought to school.
  • Lunchbox, water bottle and other necessary art/craft items etc. must be sent along with the child. Any packet sent to the school later will not be accepted for security reasons.
  • Permission to take back the ward/any other student while visiting the school should not be sought.
  • Avoid sending any unnecessary cash to the school. Parents of Class Nur-V should not send any cash to school through the child.
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