Values are guiding principles of life, which are conducive to one’s physical, social and mental health. Since students spend a majority of their time at school, it should be a place that supports families’ and communities’ efforts to establish strong values in students. Our educators are tasked with the job of helping children see that values are not only an important part of the educational process but also to their overall development as an individual
We also believe that Values are caught by children as much as they are taught—which further emphasizes the fact that we must provide and be a good example for our students.
As the world is becoming one, we are heading towards the establishment of a global civilization, Where the differences of east and west would perish and values of like would be universalized.
It becomes our responsibility as a school to provide a strong foundational value system to our students to sustain success and contribute to society ethically.

Virtue of Values at MAPS

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