The course in Fine Arts at various stages namely primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary is aimed at developing aesthetic sense of the students through the understanding of various important, well known aspects and modes of visual art expression. These exhibit India’s rich cultural heritage from the period of Indus Valley to the present time and encompass a wider range of practical exercises in making of various art works for developing the mental faculties of the students and enhancing their observation, imagination, creativity, physical and technical skills.

Fine arts classes are always planned in advance in such a way that children develop a sense of creativity. Exposing them to a variety of art material and techniques creates an opportunity for their all-round development. It includes creating art pieces (Painting, Sculpture & Craft) by using various types of material or techniques from the traditional to the contemporary ones. Broadly it is a study of life and its compositions taken from daily experiences. The other aspects of traditional and folk style of artwork are also covered.

The teacher plays a pivotal role and with our enthusiastic and highly experienced art faculty the task becomes easier. Students are encouraged to collect reference books from the library’s art section or the day to day art events, which are meant to guide them to think more. Teachers take ideas and relate it to their classroom environment and students. They modify it in the best suitable way to develop students’ creativity.

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